Hannukah Hotties

December 9, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Remember how we said yesterday that we were having a hard time finding decent Hannukah smut this week? Enter Rabbi Mo Gaydau at Mr. Skin with a comprehensive guide to dozens of skin-baring appearances by "Jewish Perfect 10s" that's not only informative, but classic copy of its kind: "After checking out these yummy Yids you'll understand why Jewish boys must have a bris, the ritualistic removal of the foreskin, because these bombshells are so sizzling they'd burn it off anyway!" Shtick like that only comes around once a year, folks! (Now, won't someone please come up with a Flash-based Boobie Menorah or something? We're starting to get sick of all those advent calendars.)

"Hannukah Hotties!" (mrskin.com)

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