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December 10, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Hey, Google: could you add Fleshbot to the list of suggested queries in your new Google Suggest feature too? Since you're giving Mike's Apartment all that free publicity, we just thought we'd ask. (CNET - thanks Ryan; more at darrenbarefoot.com)

· Yes, having to buy all those gifts for Christmas really does suck. Might as well make the best of it, right? (.wmv video @ Totally Crap - thanks Steve)

· Jesus, these missionary girls gone wild sound hot! (Are we going to hell for saying that?) (Salon, free day pass required - thanks Matt)

· Helpful advice to anyone heading to an Australian nude beach this winter: Don't take your phonecam. (australianit.news.com.au - thanks Marcus)

· More helpful advice to any porn star parents out there from Dear Abby: "Just don't mention that the movies you're in are 'blue,' and cross your fingers that you don't run into any fans." (Houston Chronicle)


· Last month, Alice got her Chevy Suburban pimped on MTV, and now Xzibit is pimping Alice for a photo shoot. And so it goes ... (photos @ chill.to/xax)*

*Update That may be Xzibit behind the lens, but apparently it isn't MTV's Alice; Double Viking points us to this post at Xzibit Central.

· If you're in the market for "Butt Boosting Lingerie", don't feel embarassed: you're not the only one who needs it. (lovemybubbles.com - thanks Rob)

· Hoping to get the sort of gift that keeps on giving this season? You'll have a better chance if you ask nicely enough. (pleaseask.com, via Drunken Stepfather)

· One more reason to love Lisa Sparxxx: she plans to give one very lucky fan a very special present during the Adult Entertainment Expo this year. Don't lose those confirmation numbers, guys! (AVN)

· And then there's our girl Mary Carey: gubernatorial candidate, military services gadfly, Lakers fan, and now amateur paramedic. Is there anything that gal can't do? (Hardcore Gossip)

· Finally, we leave you with this link, which our tipster describes as "quite possibly THE most disturbing porn site I've ever encountered". Whether you agree or not will laregly depend on your feelings towards reading about sex between the characters on "NYPD Blue", "Dharma and Greg", or "Saved by the Bell". (t-s-s-a.com - thanks Dan)

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