Mystery Booty

December 8, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Every so often, we take a chance on a reader-submitted link in our inbox that gets lost among the spam—and sometimes we find out that it has nothing to do with mortgage applications, free Cialis, or Russian singles after all. This particular one led us to a page featuring nearly 100 photos of a bodaciously buttock'd camgal; we think her name is Agustina (assuming the caption on one of the screengrabs is her name, that is), but otherwise we don't know a thing about her except ... well, see for yourself. We'd love to know more, so let us know if she looks familiar.

Agustina (?) ( - thanks M.)

Update Fleshbot operative Mike says: "Those pics were grabbed from here - it was mentioned on Howard Stern or something." No info on the model, but we're getting closer ...

Update S. writes "She regularly posts at Supertangas under the the name Keyra and various misspellings thereof (Keyira, Key, etc.)"—and from P. we find out she's from Argentina, and that you can search for more photos of her here. (And have we mentioned how much we love our readers today? Thanks all!)

Note to Google visitors: there's more on this story here, here, and here.

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