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December 8, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Have you ever considered the fuckability of the Golden Girls? Be glad someone did. (winnerofthesat.blogspot.com)

· Fun idea, lousy execution: surely a sex match between celebrities like Simon Cowell and Katie "Jordan" Price would be more exciting than repeatedly tapping your spacebar? Then again ... (Flash w/sound @ manyfishinthesea.co.uk, via TTR2)

· We're hoping there's a UK reader out there who can get us a better photo of this sexy Santa billboard for a strip club in Northfield (wherever that is). We want a closer look. (icnetwork.co.uk; also spotted @ Adrants)

· Behold the closest we could get to Hannukah-specific porn so far: holiday thongs from Jewish Fashion Conspiracy, the perfect present for your favorite Chosen Person this season. (jewishfashionconspiracy.com - thanks Sarah)


· Or maybe you'd like to do a little more browsing before buying that special pair of underwear to stuff someone's stocking with—why not let Next Door Nikki and friends help you choose a color? (attulikescolors.blogspot.com, via Attu)

· Everybody's talking: Porn legend Harry Reems answers five questions at WOW Report, and porn legend-to-be Teagan Presley answers several more at Modvox. (worldofwonder.net + modvox.com)

· Virtual congratulations to Katty Ko, Miss Digital World 2004—even if her victory was not without controversy. (missdigitalworld.com + cgchannel.com, via MetaFilter)

· Funny, we always thought consumer electronics were Japan's biggest export. Apparently, we were wrong. (Wai Wai - thanks RR)

· And here we were thinking that "pussy teeth" was just a figure of speech all this time too. Guess we're really not as clued in as we thought. (goddesscafe.com, via Vividblurry)

· As well-informed as we try to be at Fleshbot, we're just going to go ahead and pretend we never read this article, particularly since Gawker Media keeps us chained to our laptops seventeen hours a day while simultaneously denying us health benefits. So forget we even linked it, o.k.? (Reuters, via Boing Boing)


· The ever-lucid Frank Rich on "Kinsey" and the plot against sex in America: "(I)f Hollywood will always survive, off-screen Americans are being damaged by the cultural war over sex that is being played out in real life." (NY Times, registration required)

· We disillusioned liberal types might not feel too great about living in America these days ... but knowing we're living in "Jack's Teen America" should make us feel better, right? Of course it should. (DVD info and QuickTime trailer @ Digital Playground)

· Supervert is giving away a copy of "Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish" every day this month, so if you've been too cheap (or scared) to order a copy, here's your chance. (see contest entry form @ supervert.com for details)

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