Adriana Lima Nipple Slip

December 3, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We have semantic issues with calling these shots of supermodel Adriana Lima "nipple slips": our sources tell us they're caps from a fashion program on Brazilian television, and they have a much less hysterical attitude towards nudity down there than we do. And rather than attempting to cover up in a Tara Reid-like frenzy of embarassment and confusion, Adriana actually seems to be adjusting things to give the camera a better look. So maybe "full-on generous nipple offering" would be a more exact term to use here.

Click for larger versions - thanks Spencer:

Also spotted at The Superficial, who caught Adriana on Jay Leno recently and opines "Imagine every stereotype you have about foreign people and supermodels, and that's exactly what Adriana was. I mean it's not like she was driving a taxi or snorting coke, but she had this thick Brazillian accent and was being the most stuck up person I have ever witnessed. Man, it's a good thing she's hot." Indeed—it is a good thing.

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