DVD: "1 Night In China"

December 3, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

DVD: "1 Night In China"

Not merely content to have released a certain travelogue video which has already become the best selling adult title of the year, Red Light District continues its international focus with "1 Night In China", a truly National Geographic-esque spectacle starring pro wrestler Joanie "Chyna" Laurer in her sex video debut. (The title isn't a misprint*—apparently, the DVD also includes "wraparound footage" which was "actually shot in China"; given its star's proportions, one hopes they shot enough of it.) AVN's already posted a hilarious review ("As much as I was repulsed seeing an inch-long and thick-as-a-pinkie clitoris with a corona resembling the head of a penis, I was oddly fascinated") and video trailer, which you've had nearly four months since the story first broke to brace yourself for. Hopefully you won't be as scared to check it out as we were.

DVD: "1 Night In China"

"Red Light District
s '1 Night in China': More Celebrity Hardcore"
(AVN; see DVD review and .wmv trailer here)

"1 Night In China" (vidcaps and video preview @ 1nightinchina.com; .m3u sound file warning)

See also: Chyna (bio and photos @ Official Women of Wrestling)

Chyna at the Exotic Erotic Ball (video and gallery @ bthere.tv)

Order: "Playboy - Joanie Laurer Nude" (DVD, 2002) and Chyna, "If They Only Knew" (Amazon)

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*Update FB reader Dan reminds us of another reason for the title of the DVD: "You should probably note that 'Chyna' is a trademark of the WWE and they already sued her when she was called that in Playboy." More info on Chyna's—er, Joanie's—various legal entanglements over the years at OWOW.

Update Our perverted Drunken Stepfather posts links to a few preview clips here. Proceed with caution. (drunkenstepfather.blogspot.com)


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