"Grande Ecole"

December 2, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


As far as we're able to tell (the website for the movie is in French, and we're too lazy to do much by way of translating it), "Grande École" is a film by Robert Salis released earlier this year that has been making the international gay film festival circuit over the last few months, with showings in New York, Tokyo, and Turin. Lest you're feeling culturally deprived of all those shots of naked college-aged guys giving each other smoky glances in the shower room, however, Gay.tv has been good enough to provide a gallery of nearly 100 vidcaps of all the film's best sequences. Lather up and enjoy.

"Grande École" (La maledcazione francese) (gay.tv; hit "CINEGUARDONE GALLERY" link for pop-up gallery, free registration required [or use fleshbot/fleshbot])
"Grande École" (official film site @ pyramidefilms.com; includes .wmv video clips)

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