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December 3, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Two leftovers from our celebrity skin files this week: a very tantalizing Lucy Clarkson upskirt and a very saucy Fergie see-through—the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie, not the Dutchess of York, though that would've been way hotter. (Taxi Driver + Yahoo! News - thanks Jackpot 321 for the latter)

· Lest fans of Mariah Carey, Roseanne Barr, or Charles Bronson feel left out of our celebrity sex coverage, relief is at hand. (celebritysexdolls.blogspot.com, via b3ta - thanks Libby)

· And don't despair, hardcore German dinosaur porn lovers: we found something for you too. You're welcome. (.mpgs @ existangst.com - thanks Max)

· Where can you find out where to score a HoneyBun Spanking Kit, a Tidy Butt Enema, or an "I ♥ My Fuckhole" tank top for that special person on your gift list this holiday season? Tristan Taormino's Sexy Gift Guide 5.0 at the Village Voice, that's where. (And don't forget the "Merry Fuckin' Christmas" gift wrap, too.) (villagevoice.com)

· And speaking of gifts ... we've already bought you light-up bras for the holiday season—why not spiky ones too? Remember: it's only funny until someone loses an eye. (spikybras.com - thanks Kate)

· American Idle brings you a sneak peek of the TIME's new "Person of the Year" cover. Trivia buffs, take note: "This is the first time an appendage has earned the honor since 1985 when 'America's Under-Arm Fat' epitomized that era's fitness craze." (babelogue.citypages.com, via Wonkette)

· Funny, we've never seen "The O.C" either. But we're sure it's pretty good. (Low Culture)

· The times, they're a-changin': Target doesn't sell blowjobs any more, and MSN won't let you talk about corporate whores (though poop, crack, and hot butt sex are still OK). Good thing we'll always have creative porn spam! (Boing Boing x 3)


· Sander at Your Dirty Mind calls this megacollection of gorgeous Spanish models "in my humble opinion one of my best finds ever". We'll let him know whether we agree as soon as we finish going through it, though it might take us longer than we think. (caliescali.com)

· Congrats to porn stud Barrett Blade and new wife Kirsten Price. From the looks of things, it looks like they'll be very happy together. (Hardcore Gossip)

· You know what they say: a day without Gisele Bundchen is like, er, a day without sunshine. Thanks to Ryoni once again for making sure we get our recommended daily allowance. (.wmv video @ ryoni.com)

· And finally, in case we haven't posted enough to satisfy you big boob lovers out there this week—this should tide you over until ... oh, 2007 at least. (Lolo Ferrari TGP gallery @ bigtit-movies.com - thanks Siege)

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