Wet Spots

December 1, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· The weather outside is frightful ... and you all know what that means. (.wmv video @ ttr2.com - thanks Chris)

· Spending the evening with a roomful of Penthouse Pets is the best way we can think of to keep warm. Too bad they're there and we're ... well, where we are. (photos by Jake Dobkin @ bluejake.com)

· Actually, the beginning of December isn't just the start of meteorological winter and hard nipple season—it's all about naked skiers as well. Let it snow, etc. ... (Norwegian ski star Ingvild Engesland @ pub.tv2.no - thanks Thomas)

· Unfortunately, not everyone's feeling the magic of the holiday season: a German singer who plays Snow White in Dresden's Christmas market was fired after posing for nude photos in a bathtub. Bah, humbug! (thenewsvault.com - thanks AJ)

· Meanwhile, if you're considering a vacation this winter, might we suggest a leisurely cruise to Cornbeef Curtains? The Twatlas will show you the way. (twatlas.com)


· Behold our nomination for the cheesiest seasonal-themed music video of the year, though all those naked boobies and hot girl-on-girl action almost make it worth sitting through four minutes of bad German techno and lyrics like "Respect to the man in the icecream van!" Almost. (.wmv video @ elisa.net - thanks [?] Xeni)

· More humbug: as if outlawing sex toys wasn't enough, an Alabama congressman wants to ban novels with gay characters from public libraries as well. With all due respect to our friends in the Yellowhammer State, that is pretty fucked up. (Daze Reader)

· Some gay lit is also under attack at the popular Nifty Erotic Stories Archive, where titles like "Boys of Alpha Sukmi Smegma", "Penectomy", and the undoubtedly tender, nuanced classic "Felching" failed to make the cut. No, we have no idea why either. (nifty.firewind.net - thanks Hunter)

· Want to know Jenna Jameson's secret for "sexual wellness"? Take two J22s and call us in the morning. (AVN)

· Breaking! Google image search reveals lost scene in "Tron" that we don't remember seeing the first time around. Maybe we weren't paying close enough attention. (images.google.com - thanks Dan)

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