Summer Movie Watch (And Beyond): Upcoming Nude Scenes


If your time is as valuable as ours is, you probably hate having to sit through an entire R-rated B-movie at your local metaplex or wait for that copy of the unrated version of "Epic Movie" to arrive from your Netflix queue just to see a couple of moments of naked totty. In the generous spirit of efficiency, the folks at Upcoming Nude Scenes have done all the dirty work of researching which new (and new-to-DVD) movies will give you the best boobage for your buck ... and even manage to save you a few (bucks we mean, not boobs) by pointing you to resources for screencap and video downloads. While we appreciate the freebies, we like that delicious feeling of anticipation we get from perusing their list of (yes) upcoming nude scenes in future releases even more: just knowing that "Hostel 2" is going to feature Heather Matarazzo's naked ass is enough to make our summer a lot brighter. June 8 can't come quickly enough.

· Upcoming Nude Scenes ( - thanks KM) · Thumbnail via "Epic Movie (Unrated Edition)" (Amazon, in case you're really desperate and/or don't want to wait for Netflix)

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