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November 29, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· "I was very, very self-conscious about the way I looked ... Now I feel free. I just feel normal." Forget boob jobs: vaginal rejuvenation surgery is where it's at! (NY Times)

· Dan Kennedy at McSweeney's condenses nearly every Penthouse Forum letter ever for your convenience—thus giving you more time to, uh, look at dirty photos or something. (mcsweeneys.net)

· Breaking! Perennial B-list TV actress Nikki Cox goes braless on NBC's "Las Vegas". 'Nuff said. (chocopasta.be, via YDM)

· "I would love to make a porn film about Finn Mac Cool up in the Giant's Causeway," says Ireland's first homegrown porn director. We're hoping they'll be plenty of hot leprechaun porn on the menu as well. (Observer)

· Think 2004 was a bad year for government porn crackdowns? You ain't seen nothing yet. Maybe we'll move to Ireland. (AVN)


· Is there such a thing as too much Alessandra Ambrosio? Make sure you watch this video clip compilation before you answer that. (.wmv video w/sound @ ryoni.com)

· Listen up, porn: someone has a few things to say to you. (Craigslist NYC)

· Ever wish there were one website to satisfy all your hentai ergonomic mousepad needs? Well, look no further! (bustymousepads.com, via sexblo.gs)

· Royal fetishists everywhere await the broadcast of the Princess Diana sex tape on NBC tonight. We wouldn't be expecting any hot DP action if we were you. (Telegraph)

· Hot babes + boxing = what's not to like? We never thought of Hungary as a Halloween destination, but we're already making plans to attend next year's Beauty and Beast Gala. (programmagazin.hu, via Machomedia)

· Iowa was one of the states with the fewest respondents in our Fleshbot reader survey, but it ranks #1 in Playboy readers per capita. Coincidence? We think not. (press-citizen.com - thanks Dan ["from Des Moines"])

· Anal massage, marijuana, crack, and now blowjobs ... are we the only ones thinking that Target is just doing this for attention? (target.com, via Boing Boing)


· Hardcore Gossip reports that Euro porn goddess Sylvia Saint is back—though for some of us, she never went away. (hardcoregossip.com)

· Oh, and in case you hadn't heard already, Vivid legend Chasey Lain is back too. How are all these new porn girls ever going to get a break if veterans like Sylvia and Chasey keep coming out of retirement? (interview @ Hardcore Gossip)

· Ann Summers wants to give you the ride of your life. Any volunteers? (Platinum Rampant Rabbit @ rideofyourlife.co.uk; Flash and sound warning)

· And speaking of gifts—why yes, that is Ron Jeremy posing as Santa with his pants down on the cover of the Village Voice's holiday gift guide. In case you were wondering. (villagevoice.com)

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