Georgina Verbaan: Boobgate

November 24, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


While the US continues to reel over the wonton display of boobies on government television (ok, at least we're reeling about it), Dutch audiences have been embroiled in the controversy of whether actress Georgina Verbaan's breasts (or "Harries", as she refers to them for reasons which aren't entirely clear) are real or not following a Playboy appearance earlier this year. Georgina herself seeks to end the speculation by posting x-rays of her suspicious mammaries on her website; the inside peeks appeared on the front page of De Telegraaf this morning. We'll keep you posted on developments (if any) as they, er, develop.

"Nieuws uit De Telegraaf" (Dutch newspaper scan and background info @ - thanks Eugene)
"Dutch actress to authenticate breasts online" (The Register UK, via
Georgina Verbaan (official site @
"Georgina Verbaan - Playboy 2004" (

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