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November 24, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


An extra large helping of porny goodness to tide you over until we're back from Thanksgiving break:

· Given our fondness for iPod porn, we're sorry we missed Lily Kwan's "Naked News" report from London's "Playlist" party last month. Hope someone sends us the download link soon so we can add it to our personal party shuffle. (Cult of Mac)

· Those meat-tossing supermodels are back—but this time, they're staying for breakfast. Who says dreams don't come true? ("Lamb Cake" video for SpikeTV @ Transfatty - thanks Xeni)

· Now that Atkins porn is over, we predict historically questionable Maori orgy smut is going to be the Next Big Thing. You read it here first! (stuff.co.nz)

· Five out of the nine "Apprentice" girls pose for the new Maxim; one assumes the other four had, like, principles or something. (Maxim Online - thanks Sanj)


· There's no excuse for not being able to afford a boob job when the Cypriot version of eBay (yes, it exists) is offering one for a starting price of two euros (cyprus-mail.com, view current auction status here - thanks Francesco)

· When it comes to sex toys, you can have it all—why settle for less? (fantasygifts.com - via Popbitch, who calls it "the ickiest sex toy in the world")

· "Jack's Playground" is turning sweet sixteen. Help Taylor Rain blow out her candles. (QuickTime trailer @ Digital Playground)

· Fun fact: Our parents' copy of "More, More, More" was the first 45 we remember ever listening to, at the tender age of seven. This explains a lot. (70s porn star Andrea True @ WOW Report)

· Gay worms invite Italian parliament. There's so much we can say, but it's just too easy. (The Inquirer)


· Let's all give a warm hand to Hannah and Luke, this week's favorite amateur porn stars/music video hopefuls. Someone give these kids a contract! (video @ totallycrap.com - thanks Mike)

· Want to lose your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner? Check out Burning Angel's "Re-Penetrator", back online after a hosting dispute. Just be careful it doesn't make you hungry for something else. (video trailers @ repenetrator.com; original Fleshbot posts here)

· Or maybe the holidays make you more depressed than bloodthirsty? Let Hiroyuki Nishigaki help you buttclench your way to happiness. We're feeling better already! (aol.com, via Boing Boing)

· Bisexual Brazilian porn star Fabio Scorpion dies after series of botched calf implants Hey, it could happen. (AVN)


· Play dirty connect the dots with this limited edition t-shirt and be the envy of wherever the cool kids are hanging out these days. (justanotherrichkid.com, via Cool Hunting)

· For just a few hundred dollars more than the cost of a t-shirt, you can score one of David Ostrowski's porn-flavored paintings and impress everyone with your excellent taste in art. And porn. (david-ostrowski.com; see also "We Are Porn")

· Or maybe you'd rather give your loved one a combination lingerie set and chastity belt this year. It's the gift that keeps on giving—until you lose the key, that is. (sexblo.gs)

· Do we really need an excuse to post a link to this Elisha Cuthbert gallery? We didn't think so. (phun.org - thanks Hank)

We're taking the holiday off to give thanks for the usual sorts of things people are thankful for this time of year (including Elisha Cuthbert). Enjoy!

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