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November 22, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Test your memory skills with an old-fashioned game of concentration. Who said all pussies look alike? (mangl.at - thanks Damien)

· "'I took off my belt; I took off my clogs; I took off my leather jacket,' she said. 'But when the screener said, "Now take off your shirt," I hesitated.'" For some women, airport security is starting to feel like a porn movie scenario—whether or not vibrators are involved. (NY Times/azcentral.com)

· Alessandra Ambrosio sexes up the new issue of Arena in a see-through outfit, and The Superficial asks, "Now if only somebody could invent see through clothing that actually magnifies breast size." We're sure someone's working on it. (The Superficial; more Alessandra here)

· Meanwhile, Nikki Cox and Victoria Silvstedt grace the new issue of Stuff—in opaque ensembles, alas. (stuffmagazine.com - thanks Sanj)

· Dreaming of a white Christmas already? 'Tis the season for extreme bukkake, after all. (sxxxy.org)

· India's abuzz over yet another pageant queen with a porn past—though this time the story might turn out to have a happy ending. (Times of India)


· We should have seen the punch line in this video coming—but grab a tissue anyway. You might catch something. (video @ Atom Films - thanks Rico)

· Come across any porn items while surfing eBay this weekend? You weren't the only one. (auctionbytes.com)

· Google sued by porn site for allegedly not protecting its content well enough. Lots of luck with that, guys. (BBC News)

· We wonder if Fleshbot has ever been subject to this porn image detection patent—that pink background you're looking at probably makes us score off the charts. (sexblo.gs)

· "After reading the Wired article about Porn being more addictive than cocaine, and still dealing with my own pornography addiction, I
ve come out of the closet and publicly announced I
m a recovering furry porn addict." We're not posting this because we think it's funny. Really. (webfroot.co.nz - thanks Mme. X)

· Paris Hilton, lesbian snog photos, blah, blah, blah. Someone call us when that Nicole Lenz video turns up, k? (Defamer)

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