Sexkicks Photography: The Couple That Shoots Naked Babes Together Stays Together


The Berlin-based couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Sexkicks have discovered the secret of a happy partnership: he mans the camera while she takes care of the wardrobe styling for their slick fetish-flavored photography, which is no easy job considering all those latex getups and fishnet bodysuits to keep track of. Their exercises in domestic harmony have taken them to the pages of high-profile magazines in Europe and North America as well as to working for big-budget porn studios like Hustler and Private, and while you'll have to be a model or potential business partner to request access to their more explicit work, there's plenty of supercharged erotic eye candy to keep even casual smut fans like us happily clicking through their online portfolio. Who says porn is supposed to be a threat to a happy marriage anyway?

· Sexkicks Photography (, via Dadanoias)

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