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November 19, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· In the annals of accidental bukkake, the new Vodaphone ad may just have made the biggest splash of all. Literally. (Adrants; see also "The Master Musicians of Bukkake" @ Low Culture)

· The R. Kelly Sex Tape, Volume 2: coming soon to an internets near you? (NY Daily News)

· If it weren't for our sibling site Screenhead, we might never have known about the anal massages on sale at Target.com, nor about their free shipping offer for same. We'll let you know in a few weeks whether it arrived safely. (target.com, via Screenhead; update @ Boing Boing)

· Screenhead is also responsible for informing us about Ann Coulter's secret history. Not that we didn't already have our suspicions. (straponvets.com)


· Playboy continues to make history with Jennifer Krum, its first amputee Playmate, who shot her spread for the magazine just days after being named "Miss Amputee 2004" on Howard Stern. That sound you hear is thousands of acrotomophilics shouting with joy. (NY Daily News/howardstern.com)

· Speaking of Playboy, the "Girls of McDonald's" feature is old news by now, but you might find some new material of interest if you click that link you just skimmed over. (chill.to, via Attu)

· Meanwhile, Gorillamask writes in to inform us that Tiffany here "has Angelina Jolie written all over her", but we could see no evidence of such tattoos anywhere in her photospread. Maybe we better have another look. (gorillamask.net)


· We've never heard of Eva Henger, and bet you haven't either. Good thing we can all look forward to twelve months of getting to know her better. (sexserver.nl - thanks Steve)

· "If you're tired of the bra thing, nipple tassles work." Who knew aspiring Chippendale's dancers were so adept at giving fashion advice, too? (Nerve)

· Deck the halls with crocheted wee-wees, fa la la la la, la la la ... etc. (craftster.org - thanks Emily)

· What happens when porn's Alpha Female meets porn's Alpha Male? AVN reports on all the knock-down, drag-out, condom-cutting details. (avn.com)

· Never one to miss a story, Devan at Hardcore Gossip goes straight to the source(s) and interviews Janine Lindemulder and Rocco Siffredi—along with Shane and Britney Skye, the lucky bastard. At this rate he's going to run out of porn superstars to talk to pretty soon. (Hardcore Gossip)

· Thanks to Naomi at Coolio's, we may never have to go looking for another pimp link again. Now can we please all find another meme for fifteen year old suburban white boys to giggle about? (Coolio's)

· We leave you this week with a pub(l)ic service announcement: remember, pussies and pussy don't mix. Mee-youch! (funreports.com - thanks Dan)

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