"BuckleRoos" Roundup

November 23, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Now that we've finally had a chance to see both parts of Buckshots's much-hyped "BuckleRoos" (squeaky wheel, grease, etc.), was it worth the wait? In a word (two, actually): yes, mostly. Hot men (we have mentioned our crush on Owen Hawk, right?), hot sex (the side-by-side mirror autofellatio scene with Ricky Martinez and Arpad Miklos in Volume 1 is alone worth the price of admission), and some of the best photography we've seen in any adult release this year.

On the minus side? We reckon we could've done without most of the cornball dialogue and painfully forced cowpoke accents, and we think Zak Spears could've gotten naked more. Minor beefs and strain on our mute button aside, though, "BuckleRoos" is still on our gay smut must-see list for 2004.

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Order: "BuckleRoos: Parts 1 and 2" (official site and ordering info @ buckleroos.com)

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