Grant Hackett

November 17, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Now that Michael Phelps is in rehab or wherever and no one speaks of Ian Thorpe and his size 17 feet any more, our money's on Grant Hackett to become the Apparently Heterosexual Professional Swimmer Most Likely To Be Fetishized As A Gay Lust Object. (He's even reminding us of someone we saw in a porn video once, though we can't quite remember who at the moment. Maybe we should keep looking through all these photo galleries until it comes to us.)

Grant Hackett Online (
Grant Hackett Photos (

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Update Reader nominations for Grant Hackett's gay porn doppelganger include:

Nick Capra ...

Barrett Long ...

Adam Wilde ...

...and Rick Ritter (aka Nick Jacobs)

Close, but we're missing someone. The search continues ...

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