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November 18, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Note to anyone interested in writing erotic enema fiction: don't let copyright issues bite you in the, er, ass. This could happen to you! (ascii.textfiles.com - thanks Dan)

· We're intrigued by this light-up bra concept, though we're concerned about possible safety hazards during rainstorms or drunken holiday parties. Wear at your own risk. (enlighted.com, via sexblo.gs)

· Out: metrosexuals. In: Hobosexuals. More on this hot new porn trend after we finish gagging. (hobosexual.com - thanks [?] Boogah)

· Don't worry, folks: Interstate 69 isn't going anywhere - though at this point in our cultural history, we're more surprised that the whole thing was a hoax. (Boing Boing)

· Safe sex: how much is too much? Grant Stoddard reports from the trenches. (New York Magazine)


· There's no reason to have to sneak in (or out) of Hooter's during your lunch hour anymore—their new 2005 calendar cellphone wallpaper will keep the babes right at your fingertips all year long. (press release @ summus.com - thanks Paul)

· As if Michael Jackson didn't have enough problems lately, he's now getting sued by a gay porn producer for unpaid loans and legal fees. We'll let you come up with your own punch line for this one. (AVN)

· Wait, BDSM doesn't stand for
Boy Democrat Spins Mary Matlin
? No wonder no one's been answering our personal ads. (Modvox)

· A Norwegian study says that porn is responsible for making teenagers feel insecure. Not to mention, like, really horny. (aftenposten.no)

· We've always been a bit shy about addressing the queef problem. Good thing not everyone is. Have a blast, y'all! (collegesexadvice.com - thanks Bob)


· And don't let the queef issue make you shy about eating pussy in general —it isn't as complicated as you think. Then again ... (unclemelon.com - thanks Libby)

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