Avril's Boobs: A Study

November 18, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

Avril's Boobs: A Study

Remember that alleged picture of Avril Lavigne flashing her boobs that everyone was getting excited about earlier this month? A particularly sharp-eyed (and/or obsessive) Fleshbot operative took it upon himself to do some forensic investigation, and the results seem to vindicate our suspicions that the whole thing(s) was an elaborate case of wishful thinking. Full analysis after the jump.

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Avril's Boobs: A Study

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"The picture on the left (above)
is a real picture of Avril Lavigne, although I don't have a date for it. The picture on the right is the supposed picture of Avril. You'll notice a scar across her left ribcage in the actual picture, and no scar in the alleged boob flash picture. Furthermore, a simple visual comparison of bust-size vs. torso-size between the two pictures makes them simply incompatible.

"There are two possibilities: Either Avril went through extensive cosmetic surgery—including breast enlargement and the removal of a 6-inch long scar on her stomach prior to the boob-flash picture—or the boob picture is fake. It's not commonly known that she's had surgery, or even seriously speculated, so I would say that it's conclusive that the boob picture is not Avril Lavigne.

"(Note: I'm not a reject, just a guy who wants the truth!)"

Either way, we appreciate the detective work. Thanks Josh!

Update The mystery deepens ... though they're still not Avril's boobs. Mark writes:

"oh boy... i can't believe i'm actually adding to this 'controversy', but there's a BIG problem with that real photo of avril lifting her shirt to show her belly: it has been photoshopped. (<a href="http://www.alavigne.org/displayimage.php?album=664&pos=192

">here is a link to the original photo.)

"what apparently happened is that somebody removed 'craig' from her belly. as you can see for yourselves, the 'scar' (which appears in the comparison photo that was submitted to you) does not appear in the original, unaltered photo. the 'scar' is probably an artifact left behind from the photoshop-removal of the name 'craig'.

"here are more photos that show avril's belly—there is no visible scar in any of them: 1, 2, 3, 4,5

"of course, none of this proves that the boob flash is really avril's. however, if you look closely at the boob flash shot, there appears to be a mole on the right side (to the left of the belly piercing). in the above pictures of avril showing off her mid-section, there doesn't appear to be any such mole."

Avril's Boobs: A Study

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