Trishelle For Sale

November 17, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Despite a $1,150 final bid, the reserve wasn't met on this week's eBay auction featuring a date with increasingly-desperate-to-extend-her-fifteen-minutes reality show celebritette Trishelle, which included "lunch at Aston Kutcher
s exclusive restaurant 'Dolce' in Hollywood"—although not, alas, any mention of a private topless dining or strip poker session, which may explain the lukewarm interest.

"Spend a day with Trishelle (Real World & Surreal Life)" (eBay, via Defamer)
"Real World: Pimping Ain't eBay" (TVGasm)
Thumbnail: Trishelle in "Stuff": "I had a thong and a see-through dress with, like, fur covering my boobies.

Screencaps of Trishelle's "Surreal Life" topless dinner date with Ron Jeremy after the jump.

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