Fleshbot Holiday Gift Guide: Ballsies

November 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


If wearing a hefty pair of polyurethane testicles around your neck feels a bit cumbersome, an Arizona-based pair of entrepeneurial designers have come out with "the first line of jewelry that captures the essence of everyone's favorite baggy buddies": "Ballsies don't sweat/Ballsies don't cling/Ballsies are cuter/Than the real thing!" (Debatable, but whatever.) Of course, at least half of you reading this will already have your own pair of non-detachable family jewels to display proudly whenever you want, but these still might make a thoughtful holiday present for a loved one who may not be so fortunately equipped.

Ballsies: "The Jewelry With The Most" (ballsies.com)

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