Tiffany Teen Forever!

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


While the reader tips to shots from Tiffany Teen's alleged sex video have been coming in fast and furious since we first posted about the rumor several weeks ago, we still have yet to hear from anyone who's seen the actual footage whence all these photos were taken. We're forced to conclude one of two things: that the video doesn't exist at all, or that Ms. Teen is fortunate enough to have a PR agent who well understands the laws of porno supply and demand. Anyone care to prove us wrong one way or the other?

Tiffany Teen Pics (hi-res gallery @ - thanks Brian, AJ, Steve, Paul, Adam, et al.)
Tiffany Teen Nude (Useful Idiot - thanks J.)
"More Tiffany Teen Hardcore" (comprehensive pic list @, registration required - thanks AM)

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