2005 Cybersocket Web Awards

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We'd feel bitter about not having been nominated for a Cybersocket Web Award for the "best" gay websites if we hadn't noticed that most of the adult site nominees are mysteriously either Cybersocket advertisers, sites which use AVS services which advertise on Cybersocket, award sponsors, or "free" sites that haven't been updated in over a year—and despite the fact that a previous feature article in the magazine called us a "daily must-read". (OK, so maybe we are a little bitter.) Still, we're glad to see a few of our favorite gay smut sites among the potential winners this year. Now who do we have to fuck over there to get a listing?

"Cybersocket Web Awards Announced" (AVN)

Update The editor of Cybersocket responds: "The Cybersocket Web Awards highlight the best of the gay internet and is unique among such awards in that the nominees and winners are chosen by websurfers alone. In keeping with the democratic spirit of the internet, we rely on our readers to decide which sites should be included. The nominations are open to everyone; we even allow sites to nominate themselves for categories." So that explains it—we didn't work hard enough on ballot stuffing or offering free blowjobs for votes. At least we know better for next year! (Yes, we're kidding. Sort of.)

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