Tara Reid Boob Slip: The SNL Recap

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


In case you somehow missed seeing the photo series or video coverage, Saturday Night Live featured a stunningly accurate Barbie doll-based recap of Tara Reid's already legendary red carpet mishap this weekend, complete with plastic smile, misshappen nipple, and the stimulants that might've been a factor in her glazed unawareness of what was happening when all those flashbulbs started going off. We hear that the "Weekend Update" video clip is already all over the BitTorrent network, but our doll-fondling sibling site Defamer rises to the occasion with some screengrabs if you forgot to set your TiVos to record the hilarity on Saturday night.

"Weekend Update Reenacts Tara Reid's Boob Slip" (Defamer)

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