Monday Morning After

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


The biggest news story in the British tabloids this weekend is one at News of the World involving a Los Angeles-based "major international vice ring involving a string of top models and celebrity tarts", the fallout from which "will rival the scandal of Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam jailed for running an A-list call-girl racket"—essentially, one huge blind item mindfuck. We're much too hung over this morning to attempt to figure out the identities of the celebs involved, though we have a sneaking suspicion they're a bunch of Page 3 types we've never heard of anyway. If any readers want to share their guesses, send them along and we'll post them here.

"The BBC hostess, the catwalk queen and an actress who'll take you to bed for
(News of the World)
See also: Nici's Girls: "The World's Most Exclusive Private Club" (; more info and background @ Daze Reader)


The other big taboid story we woke up to this morning is The Sun's news that some busty celebutante we've never heard of is afraid of bugs. You heard it here first.

"Nancy: Get Me Out Of Fear" (The Sun UK)

Finally, the Daily Star reports on David Beckham's plan to buy his wife "the world's most expensive sex toy", perhaps to make up for all those extra-marital canoodling rumors reported earlier this year.

"Posh is all a buzz" ( - thanks Phil)

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