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November 13, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Big booty mannequins give women something to identify with— and fetishists something to get excited about: "Men like it. Some guys come in and buy the mannequins." (NY Times)

· Romania has been abuzz for weeks about Simona Lungu, the porn star turned judiciary official. "Here comes the judge", indeed. (CNN; photos @ jurnalul.ro)

· Regina Lynn is worried about the implications of the 2004 election on free speech: "What if I just get Playboy for the articles?" (Wired)

· Apparently, tons of weight isn't the only thing she's lost: Anna Nicole Smith is now officially "fur-free". (Adrants)

· Looks like we're not the only ones with a Font Fetish; can you tell your Frutiger from your Fraktur? Remember: "Performance anxiety is normal." (Flash w/sound @ p11.com - thanks LF)

· It's just another quiet evening at home for Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson (Juergen Teller photos @ hem.passagen.se; see also Dita interview @ secretmag.com)


· Luba is having a bikini fashion emergency. Won't you help? (Hegre @ realroot.be - thanks Peter)

· Not merely content with having run for governor of California, Mary Carey wants you to fuck her while she takes over your cell phone. (Hardcore Gossip)

· The Wizmark is a "interactive urinal communicator"—because "gents get so tired of checking out each other's equipment while the lizard drains." (wizmark.com, WOW Report)

· We'd never heard of Natalie Keen before, but we're glad we did. Get this girl an agent! (.wmv video @ ryoni.com)

· Coal-powered vibrators and muff shots: Modvox visits the Museum of Sex and finds plenty of culture to get excited about. (Modvox)

· Champagne, condoms, and velvet restraints: sex toys via your room service menu is the hot new trend in Canadian hotels. (hotelchatter.com - thanks Mark)

· Before attempting the banana cannon trick yourself, remember: it's only funny until someone loses an eye. (.wmv video @ Useless Junk - thanks Andy)

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