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November 9, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We appreciate the pioneering work that Taurus has done over the years in capturing public gay sex and straight dude locker room action on film, but frankly we're a little confused: the site claims to feature "40 Years of Nude Hidden Voyeur Candid Camera", yet clearly states that the studio was founded in 1973. (Yes, we had to stop for a minute and do the math too.) But why quibble? Looking through their catalogue of hundreds of videos of hot marine mud wrestling, truck stop sex, and hidden urinal cams made us feel a little giddy as well.

Taurus Videos (video catalogue @ taurusvideos.com)

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Update Taurus writes: "In regards to the confusion of having been in business since 1973 and having 40 years of material: I started shooting in the 1950s as a hobby but then decided to bring them to the public in 1973 when friends to whom I showed these films encouraged me to share them with a wider audience." Here's hoping he keeps it up for a long time to come—we think his stuff is great.

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