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November 10, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Yes, Fark readers: we saw that alleged pic of Avril Lavigne flashing her tits already, and we're still not convinced it's the real thing(s): a headless shot of some chick in a pink shirt does not a teen pop star nudie shot make.

· One can only guess what a Cockolada tastes like; we assume it's something creamy. (cockolada.de, via Flaunting It)

· We're surprised that hedgehogs weren't mentioned in this press release about Ron Jeremy as the new PETA spokesperson. Fat, furry creatures need love too, you know. (press release @ Hardcore Gossip)


· New FHM coverbabe Leeann Tweeden muses about John Wayne Bobbit: "I would have to see what it looked like ... I mean, what does it look like after it
s cut with a knife?" We'd rather just look at her pics than think about that, actually. (fhmus.com - thanks Sanj)

· Those wacky Norwegians are at it again: "Fuck For Forest" co-founder Tommy Hol Ellingsen flashed his penis after a court appearance in Oslo yesterday during which he was fined $1,750—though he's still laughing all the way to the bank. (Ananova/Nettavisen - thanks Dane)

· Be careful when throwing out those naked Polaroid shots of your ex: you wouldn't want them to wind up between the pages of Dirty Found, would you? (Then again ... ) (dirtyfound.com - thanks Ted)

· Tom Wolfe says he "tried to propel (his) central nervous system into that of a woman" in writing "I Am Charlotte Simmons". Funny how that never seems to work for us. (interview @ Nerve/order @ Amazon)

· Fond of boinking on a train platform? Remember: safety first! (captainsafetysite.com, via Attu)

· Another month, another international lingerie show we missed attending. We really need to start getting out more. (gallery @ AVN)

· Worried that multiple casual relationships with women are turning you into an asshole? Trust us—you've got nothing on this guy. (NY Press - thanks David)

· We should know better than to open a tip in our inbox that arrives with the subject line "OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!!!", especially when it comes from our friend Siege. If the prospect of seeing an innocent young woman being multiply penetrated by a really fake-looking swamp creature terrifies you, don't click here. (.mpg TGP/preview gallery @ moviepink.com - thanks [?] Siege)

· Everything (else) you've ever wanted to know about octopus porn, but were afraid to ask. (buffoonery.org - thanks Xeni)

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