Sexy Clube: Naked Brazilian Babes Galore

Sexy Clube: Naked Brazilian Babes Galore

Despite our obvious and oft-stated difficulties with their nation's official language—again with the Portuguese?—we continue to be inundated with the online antics of the gorgeous ladies of Brazil. However, we think that our discovery of Sexy Clube (which we choose to pronounce with a long u and a ridiculous foreign accent) will either completely solve our problem or drive us further into madness. Navigating the website without a translating dictionary is sort of like stumbling around in the dark, only every time you put your hand out you grab a boob, or sometimes a page which asks you for your credit card information. A mix of private pay-for content and quality free images, it sort of resembles the online versions of Maxim or FHM, but with more nudity, more tan lines, and more "bundinhas maravilhosas." (Also more pubic hair, which is ironic since their nation perfected the removal of it, but now seems to be the only one that has any left.) We'll get to the bottom of that mystery just as soon as those Hooked on Foreign Phonics tapes arrive.

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· Thumbnail star: Jane Viera

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