I Share My Bitch


Before we say anything about this hardcore amateur babelog discovery, we should make it clear that we think the non-consensual use of the term "bitch" in a porn context is puerile, offensive, and just plain tired—surely we've all evolved beyond a circa 1994 gangster rap sensibility when it comes to our porn viewing habits. That said, there are some truly smokin' photos and video clips here, helpfully (and charmingly) arranged via archive headings including "My Lesbian Bitch", "My Busty Bitch", "My Sucking Bitch", and "My Old Kentucky Bitch". (OK, we might have hallucinated that last one. But still.) Fortunately the layout of the site makes it fairly easy to ignore all the captions and head straight for the thumbnails, so hopefully you'll be able to ignore all that gratuitous trash talking in your persuit of the good stuff—in fact, if you just try squinting a bit all those instances of the word "bitch" start to look a lot like the word "babe". And we all know that's a lot less offensive, right?

· I Share My Bitch (isharemybitch.com, via Indie Nudes)

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