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November 8, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Let your Virtual Bartender shake up almost anything you're thirsty for ... though if you want her to make a Blumpkin or a Mooseslush, you're out of luck. (beer.com, via Screenhead)

· Or perhaps you'd prefer the refreshing taste of Boo Bee instead? "The children love it" ... and so do we! (product info @ unibev.co.uk - thanks Xeni)

· And while we're on the subject of food and drink, don't forget to check out all the interesting things you can do with hot dogs, popsicles, or French bread besides pop them in your, er, mouth. (masturbation tips @ mymasturbation.com - thanks Lynn)

· Sharon Osbourne calls Paris Hilton a "fucking piece of scrawny old grizzle who's only famous for sucking cock in a home-made porn video"—and our friends at the WOW Report take the words right of our mouth by way of response: "Osbourne's remark is simply a tacky case of the pot calling the kettle a bad influence." (sify.com)

· Mmm, hot senators. Marry us, Barbara Mikulski! (adamshoop.org - thanks Dan)

· Forget about red states and blue states: were porn states the decisive factor in the 2004 presidential election? (Times of India, via Daze Reader)

· It doesn't really matter what state you live in, actually, since new x-ray machines in airports are going to turn us all into porn stars sooner or later anyway. Suck it in and smile for the camera! (Sunday Times UK - thanks DK)

· Then again, being a porn star isn't as easy as it may seem; witness the perils of double penetration. How do they make it look so simple? (twistedmonk.blogspot.com, via Eros Blog)


· Meet Adriana Lima, one more reason to keep Victoria's Secret on your wish list this holiday season—whether you're in the market for lingerie or not. (photos @ ryoni.com)

· Our friends at Area Girls describe the Miss Desert Sun competition as "fake boobs, fake smiles, (and) fake women". We're not exactly complaining either. (missdesertsun.com, via Area Girls)

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