"Mokkori": Japan's Public Erection TV Show


We've known for some time that the Japanese will put almost anything on television, but even we were a little surprised to find an entire show dedicated to one man's persistent and rock hard erection. (OK, maybe we weren't that that surprised.) This Candid Camera-style epic called Mokkori—which is literally the Japanese word for "Schwinnnng!"—follows one young man as he parades around town frightening innocent passersby with his short shorts and raging hard-on. It finally answers that eternal question: What would you do if a man came into your gym and started doing barbell curls with his dick? The comedic possibilities actually don't seem endless, but rather than a one-time skit, the producers are milking this one for all it's worth. Well, not literally milking ... they're saving that for sweeps week.

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· Mokkoi (more "Mokkori" videos @ YouTube) · More of Mokkori - The Erection in Public Show (tvinjapan.com)

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