Giantess Crushing Videos

November 3, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

Giantess Crushing Videos

What do you get when you cross three pillars of Japanese fetishism: high heels, pantyhose, and giantesses? A series of up close and crunchy videos featuring female feet crushing live insects, birthday cakes, household objects, and full-scale miniature plastic towns (sort of like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Tokyo style), with titles like "Return of Giantess 3" and "Mark of High Heels". As an added bonus, you can also view footage of the models hunting the
bugs and crawfish
they'll then stomp to death on lucite tables while a camera records every squishy detail from below: pure nirvana for anyone who's down (literally) on women's feet.

GTS Feet and Crush (

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