Serena Williams Exposed

November 3, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

Serena Williams Exposed

We can't quite describe what's going on in these photos of Serena Williams at a film opening in London last night as being either a "nipple slip" or a "wardrobe malfunction": they're more like a double-court couture grand slam of epic proportions. Or as The Sun so elegantly puts it, "Tennis smasher Serena Williams dons a see-through dress and shows her lovely gems
a two million dollar diamond necklace." Er, yes—her jewelry was exactly what we were looking at.

"Ace Serena" (The Sun UK - thanks M.)

Serena Williams at "After The Sunset" World Premiere, 11.02.04 (Getty Images)

See also: "After The Sunset" set visit report (unillustrated, alas) @ "(Serena) began to stumble backward and—no kidding—her jeans began to fall down. For about five seconds we had a direct view of Serena
s ass (I didn
t see any underwear, by the way), until the flabbergasted girl regained her composure and pulled her pants back up ..." Where's the paparazzi when you really need them?

Serena Williams Exposed

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