Jenna Bush Booty Alert

November 2, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Speaking of celebrity butt sightings (not to mention, yes, elections), a reader writes in with a desperate request: "You need to get a video capture of Jenna as the Bush family left the polling place in Crawford, Texas this morning. She's wearing painted-on jeans. She spins around and shows the world an ass that is AS GOOD AS IT GETS!" We've seen the clip (and the ass) in question on CNN and agree that it's a piece of the historical record that needs to be preserved; unfortunately, our video capture capabilities aren't up to the task. Won't one of our more tech-savvy readers help us out here? Consider it part of today's patriotic booty. Er, duty. (Sorry.)

Thumbnail photo via (and almost-but-not-quite-revealing-enough Election Day photos at) The First Twins (

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