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November 2, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We have no idea why we received three separate Avril Lavigne tips (including an alleged full-on flashing shot, though we're pretty sure it's more a case of wishful thinking than anything else) from three different readers over the last few days; you'd think people's minds would be on more important things this week than what she wore for Halloween, even if it was a skimpy Hooters girl outfit. (Plus, isn't she like Canadian or something?) Color us totally confused.

Avril Lavigne as a Hooters Girl, 10.31.04 (photos @ alavigne.org, popup and browser resize warning - thanks SB)
Avril Lavigne Hooters Video (.wmv video @ goldenfiddle.com)
"Avril Nude" (?) (Ottyhotties - thanks Brad)

See also: Avril Lavigne (archive @ torontopics.com)

We also received an update from a Canadian reader regarding the Avril butt flash photos we posted about several months ago - full details after the jump.

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A.M. writes:

"The shots of Avril flashing her butt were taken over several occasions, as you would know if Amercian news sources covered Canada. Our evangelical Christians are politically impotent—social conservatism doesn't get you far in Canada. As a result you can get away with a lot more skin and swearing on tv. (Ed. note: We told you we loved Canada!)

"At the 2002 MuchMusic Video Awards (Canada's version of the MTV Video Awards), Avril performed 'Complicated' live (remember, she's Canadian and became a star here first). The weight of the microphone battery pack she had hooked to her waistband caused her pants to drop a bit and her butt crack was revealed to one and all.

"The following year, at the 2003 MMVAs, the host introduced her as an award presenter and referring to the incident, asked Avril how she could possibly top herself. She grinned (see vidcaps), turned around and lowered her pants, revealing 'MMVA' written across her butt cheeks. When photographers at the offstage press area complained that they had missed the big event, Avril obligingly dropped her pants again, thus the brightly lit still photos that made the Canadian newspapers.

"Avril also did an interview for a different show on the same network during which host Ed the Sock (a horny, foulmouthed sock puppet, a bit like Triumph the Insult Dog) aske if a trend was developing and, sure enough, she did it again, dropping her pants even further to show a good portion of each cheek; unfortunately the spontaneous nature of Avril's action resulted in the actual crack being obscured by the mike in the foreground."

(Maybe our Canadian correspondent can provide some insight on that flashing pic linked above? We're all ears.)

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