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November 2, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Looking for something else to do today besides keeping your eye on exit polls and worrying whether we're all going to have to face another month of legal conniptions before we know who's going to be in the White House? Why not try boning up on BitTorrents, the best source of free porn to come along since Usenet? With all the helpful links to tutorials, FAQs, and torrent sites on this convenient one-stop resource, your hard drive will be filled up in no time. (Of course, we should remind you not to use the technology to downloaded copyrighted material ... which we're sure you would never do anyway. Right?)

HardcoreTorrents Guide (guide.hardcoretorrents.com)
See also: The Official BitTorrent Home Page (bittorrent.com)

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