Sex Blog Roundup: Power Players

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Some call power the ultimate aphrodisiac (even if we here at Fleshbot think it's more a matter of a fast connection, a full bottle of lube, and fifteen minutes). There certainly is a lot to be said for having the upper hand in a relationship, especially if that hand is poised above a naked and callipygian body. In today's selection of some of our favorite sex writing on the interwebs this week, we present those writers who get the erotic jolt of power in all its permutations: the slender ties that bind (and blind), the inherent seductiveness of stockings, the mastery of virginity ... and other things designed to leave you limp and begging for more.

Power it up with the mighty Chelsea Girl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Chelsea Girl

- - -


Her jade gaze follows me intently as I move around the bed securing her. Her mouth glistens in the half-light, damp with expectation. My own lips press together in a contented smile. That's the frame of mind I wanted to provoke in her. Expectant. Slowly, I approach her and carefully cover her eyes with the blindfold I retrieve from my pocket.

"Can you see?" I ask.

- Easily Aroused

- - -

Power Stockings

I turned the deadbolt slowly. Click. Then I started turning the doorknob. Once the door was open two feet or so, I poked my head around and smiled. He smiled back, his arms loaded down with clothes. Inching the door open a little more, I shifted one shoulder into view. It was bare. His bright blue eyes flew to my shoulder, then back up to my eyes.

Now that he was paying attention, it was time to open the door all way.

The outfit was simple, really. Three pieces of black lingerie that he'd given me paired with the sexiest shoes I own.

- Smart Girls Who Do It

- - -

He Makes My Ch**** Pop!

For whatever reason, the fact that I'm a virgin has been getting shoved into my face a lot lately. It's a pretty hot topic of late, what with that girl who tried to sell her virginity on eBay, a guy who did the same (and promised that part of the proceeds would got to charity - suuuure they would buddy), and a blog that allows its readers to vote on which guy the blogger ought to allow to pop her cherry. I've also been told that I "need to get laid" by a friend (we'll call her Amy) whose advice I am very inclined to trust. Plus, tonight my roommates informed me that no one will EVER be worthy of my platinum pussy and I ought to just get it over with...

- Mercedes and Chandler

- - -

Le Club of Strip

It was strange really. All eyes were upon us. You would have thought that they had never seen 2 chicks walk into a place like this, a strip club. It is real funny how guys get around 2 girls who are presumably together. I am not sure if it is that they think they might get lucky and on this day we will decide "he" is the one that will make me give up being a lesbian, or if it is the fact that he or they might have a shot at seeing some hot girl action. What ever it is, the drinks kept coming. We smiled. Said "Thank You" and went back to the reason we were here, the same reason all of these guys were here. To look at hot, beautiful naked girls.

- Menage a trois

- - -

3 for the Road: 3 for All

The door of the suite exploded with noise and action as we barreled inside. Coats flung to and fro. Honey Rider stumbled to the bathroom closing the door behind her. I headed to the bedroom, clicked the light and turned on the mini radio (sex noise reducer). Phoenix was right behind me as I turned.

"Mmmm, I can smell "M" all over you." She sniffed my chest then higher around my neck. Soon our lips were interlocked, her smooth mouth playing with mine. "She's all over you."

- The Dirty Details

- - -


"I want to be your sex slave."

With these words, she communicated a long-held fantasy that she had selected me to realize.

We experimented with some role play, but it turned out that what she really wanted was just to be tied up and ravished.

It turned out to be a primal thing -- tie her tightly, put her in fear, and she would get very hot.

- Erotischism

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