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November 2, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Given the fact that porn stars seem to be everywhere we look these days, it really shouldn't take over six weeks for us to collect enough reader-submitted sightings for one of these posts. If you see someone out and about who you think might be a porn star, remember that it never hurts to ask them: even if it turns out that you're mistaken, they'll at least be flattered by the assumption. (Or give you a black eye, depending on their sense of humor.)

"If I hadn't seen that 'XXX' documentary on HBO last Thursday night, I probably wouldn't have recognized Nina Hartley and her husband walking through LAX on Friday morning. She had her hair down and was wearing black horn-rimmed glasses, a black turtleneck and jeans ... kind of like a sexy off-duty schoolteacher look. They were in a hurry and talking very animatedly."

"I saw Mari Possa and Seymore Butts getting out of a cab on Collins Street in Chicago this weekend. He was wearing a grey sweatsuit, grey sneaks and a grey knit cap, while she was in jeans, purple boots with fur trim, and a black quilted jacket. She was tiny!"


"There were probably lots of porn stars at the Pimp 'n' Ho Ball in Chicago last weekend (Ed. note: see above), but the only one I'm pretty sure I recognized was Gauge, despite the black wig she was wearing. She was also wearing white satin lingerie with black lace trim, and was accompanied by a heavily tattooed guy wearing a red velvet fedora with a huge feather sticking out of it. I'm assuming she was the 'ho' and he was the 'pimp'. I also think she was very, very drunk—though so was I by that point in the evening, so maybe I shouldn't even mention it. And it is just me, or is she the closest thing the porn industry has to a Mary-Kate Olsen lookalike?"

"Lots of gay pornsters spotted at Boysroom in the East Village last Saturday night for Chi Chi LaRue's party, including new It Boy Owen Hawk (= totally hot) and Fredrick Ford (= not nearly as scary looking as I thought)." (Ed. note: snaps from the event at

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