Meet Tatum Reed: Popwhore

March 19, 2007 | Posted in Hardcore by jonno


It's hard not to be sucked in by (or at least curious about) Tatum Reed's self-promotional schtick: "Conservative political columnist, fashion maven, and narcissistic sexual connoisseur, (Tatum Reed) presents the next level of Pax American pornography ... In the age of post-modern apocalyptic bliss, the theory of the leisure class has never been so attainable. At your fingertips awaits a world of decadence, debauchery, high fashion, and pop culture relevance." Fortunately, Tatum puts her money where her ripe, Episcopalian mouth is with plenty of very explicit appearances on sites like Bang Brothers, West Coast Gangbangs ... and Popwhore, her own showcase for her pornographic exploits as well as juicy, personal-branded lifestyle tidbits. So what if you're not interested in what she's listening to on her iPod these days (a list which doesn't seem to have been updated in nearly a year anyway?) As she goes on to say in her introduction, "If you aren't into big words, here is the bio for you: I LOVE BIG COCKS and I love sucking on them and making my pussy so wet that I make you stuff me full. I then pull your cock out and put it into my gaping asshole and then take your cum all over my face. That is all you wanted to know about me—right?" Maybe—but it's still nice to know she's not just another pretty face. Or gaping asshole, for that matter.

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