Blue Blood Halloween

October 29, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We asked the spooky smutmeisters at Blue Blood for their suggestions on making this Halloween a horny happy one—and like magic, three sexy sirens appeared in our inbox in never-before-seen, exclusive-to-Fleshbot photo galleries. We don't know what kind of spells they're working over there, but they're sure working for us.

Meet Blue Blood Superstars Aeon, Dana Dark, and Kellie after the jump ...

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Blue Blood Superstar: Kellie @ Gothic Sluts


See also: "Jack Daniels On Ice with Combichrist" by Kellie (

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Blue Blood Superstar: Dana Dark @ Gothic Sluts


See also: Dana Dark (official site @

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Blue Blood Superstar: Aeon @ Barely Evil


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