"Re-Penetrator" Banned!

October 29, 2004 | Posted in Amateur by jonnobot


There comes a point towards the beginning of "Re-Penetrator"—like when the undead stripper starts sucking off the mad scientist who's bought her back to life and spits a mouthful of fake blood all over his crotch—when you may start thinking that the folks at Burning Angel have gone too far. By the time the scene finishes in a gore-soaked frenzy of screaming orgasms, simulated guts and gnawed-off extremities, though, you realize it's way too over the top to be taken very seriously. But not everyone seems to share the same sense of hardcore humor: BA's billing company is pulling the plug due to the film's "depictions of extreme violence", however outrageously fake they might be. Sign up and grab it while you can, or catch the free screening tonight at Rififi in NYC ... if you dare.

"'Re-Penetrator' Banned as of Nov. 1st" (Burning Angel)
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