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October 27, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· The New York Times explores drive-by porn— you know, that "vexing new phenomenon" which somehow never seems to happen to us when we're on the highway. (NY Times)

· "The Lara Croft clones wear matching camouflage (of dubious use in the desert)": what's the deal with Moammar Qadaffi's sexy female bodyguards? (Lynn Harris @ Nerve)

· Mmm, condoms ... now part of a balanced breakfast! (NY Post)

· Someone sent a vidcap of Foxy Brown's wardrobe malfunction in the new Jay-Z movie "Fade to Black" to our sibling site Gawker today ... and we get to publish it. Nepotism rules!

· Sierra Entertainment released the "Adults Only" version of "Leisure Suit Larry" this week, which presumably includes even more "breasts, S&M, strap-on dildos, bukkake, lesbian and gay sex, hermaphrodites, hooking, stripping, voyeurism, and masturbating monkeys" than the Mature rated one. Who needs Nintendo anyway? (larryuncut.com, thanks Guy - more @ Kotaku)


· We've been looking forward to another peek at Susana Spears for months now. Think it was worth the wait? (Twistys gallery @ kindgirls.com, via YDM)

· Hardcore Gossip reaffirms its commitment to (w)holesome family entertainment with preview galleries of two new releases: "Blowjob Fantasies #20" and "Fuckdoll Sandwiches". Tasty! (hardcoregossip.com)

· Can the gag factor with 100 Cum Swallowing Tips, which is at least 95 more than you probably needed to know. (dontspitswallow.com, via sxxxy.org)

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