"The Hunt for Ed Wood"

October 27, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


As we've said previously (and as you probably already know by now anyway), Ed Wood inspires a fierce devotion in those who consider his reputation as the worst film director of all time to be misguided and wrong—and few of his fans have created such a valuable resource to his work as Philip R. Frey, whose online guide to Wood's career includes a comprehensive videography and bibliography as well as information on tracking down hard-to-find copies of his work. (At least "Necromania" is no longer in that category!)

The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.: "Being an on-line resource for the intrepid fan of the great auteur" (netcom.com/~hunt_for_ed_wood)
See also: "The Hunt For Ed Wood" (Yahoo! Group)

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