"9 Songs" Review

October 25, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We knew we could count on the incisive film criticism of The Sun to tell us everything we really wanted to know about Michael Winterbottom's forthcoming artporn opus "9 Songs": "You know the fist-chewing apathy you feel watching a couple snog at a bus stop? This film is a 90-minute equivalent ... It
s sexy watching the gorgeous Lisa being tied up with black nylon stockings but it
s a bad sign when you wish Matt would leave her like that and go off and rob a bank just so something actually happens." Guess we'll be waiting for the eventual DVD release so we can just fast forward to all the good parts.

"Now I've seen everything" ("9 Songs" review and vidcaps @ The Sun UK)
See also: "Key three unfazed by real sex in 9 Songs" (Guardian)

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