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October 25, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· We're as happy as an undead nymphomaniac in a coffin to report that Fleshbot Films' release of Ed Wood's "Necromania" on DVD is now shipping. It's already turning out to be our best Halloween ever! (Order now from Amazon.)

· Can the "amateur pornography site" whose name "contains an obscenity" and is currently being investigated by the Pentagon for publishing photos of three naked female GIs possibly be the one featured in these two previous posts on Fleshbot? If so, it looks like we may have missed one. (NY Post)

· More porn we haven't seen (yet): Rush and Molloy get a peek at the alleged Usher sex tape, which TLC's "Waterfalls" plays in the background. We think we've lost interest already. (NY Daily News, via Gawker)

· Wish we had known about this x-ray cameraphone back in third grade—just think of the time we would've saved collecting all those Bazooka wrappers to send away for our own! (Gizmodo)

· Watch as Missy Elliott gets caught in a compromising position in this new ad for Virgin Mobile. We're just glad she's OK. (Quick Time video w/sound @ ttr2.com; also spotted @ Adrants)

· Paris Hilton: still got it! (nip slip photo @ Defamer)

· Wish we had caught this last month before sitting through "Toss My Salad 6: The Exodus": Johnny Maldoro goes through and reports on all his porn rejects, so you won't have to watch them. Ever. (villagevoice.com)

· More sexy news from the Voice: Lusty Lady (and frequent Fleshbot tipstrix) Rachel Kramer Bussel debuted a new column last week, in which she hits "pussy pay dirt". We're all, uh, ears. (villagevoice.com)

· Who can steal some knickers, and sprinkle them with goo? The Panty Man can! (Willamette Week)

· Or maybe you'd like to learn everything there was to know about poo sex instead. Mardi Gras 7-11, anyone? (sitandspinmagazine.com)


· The Live Journal hottie known as The Coarsette likes four letter words, not to mention her new skirt. Funny how much we have in common. (livejournal.com, via Die Puny Humans)

· Think it's difficult to hook up with a model? Not if you follow Anastasia's 21 step program. User testimonials welcome. (doubleagent.com - thanks HG)

· Then again, if you're having problems getting any lately, you can always move to Japan and sleep in a park, where hopefully the mysterious Angel of Mercy will give you a hand too. (WaiWai @ mainichi.co.jp, via Daze Reader)

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