Burning Angel's "Re-Penetrator"

October 21, 2004 | Posted in Amateur by jonnobot


Looks like next Monday will be a red-letter day for porn fans everywhere: not only will Fleshbot Films be officially releasing Ed Wood's "Necromania", but Burning Angel will also let loose director and "punkette porn star" Joanna Angel's "Re-Penetrator" on a terrified yet bloodthirsty public. Described as the alternachick porn site's first downloadable "zombiecore" feature, it tells the story of a dead stripper who "fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.
Our, er, spines are tingling just thinking about it.

"Burning Angel Releases Downloadable
"Baby, I'm on Fire: Joanna Angel" (interview @ badgirlcity.com)
Joanna (profile and preview photos @ Burning Angel)

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