Sylk: The Thinking Man's Boobies

February 23, 2007 | Posted in Pornstars by dashiell


As is often the case around here one post leads to another, thanks to a tipster who read our tome about online-only Monkey Magazine and helpfully pointed out another web-only venture that's light on staples but heavy on the babes. This one is called Sylk and seems to target the more serious older brother of the horny kid that has Stuff under his mattress. Instead of dorm room pranks and gadgets, the articles (yes, it has words) take on subjects like the Kyoto Treaty and world hunger. (Paying for the premium version actually results in a donation to a hunger-fighting charity. Normal registration is free.) Like Monkey, there is no nudity, but the site does contain a healthy dosage of bikini and lingerie cheesecake photos to go along with those thought-provoking pieces. Of course, you can skip over the text stuff and just look at the pictures. This is the internet, after all, and no one does any thinking here if they don't want to.

· Sylk Magazine ( - thanks Mayo)

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