The "Manhunt" Continues

October 20, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Try as we might, we still can't escape the glabrous, pouting replicants of "Manhunt"—what did the homosexualist TV viewing demographic watch on Tuesday nights before last week anyway? We hereby redirect you to an updated link to the appropriate forum at Dreamcaps, which is pretty much the only site you'll need to keep visually abreast (or apectoraled) of all the suspense—because unless we find out about some naked backstage footage, more hot male-on-male toe sucking action, or further photo evidence of, say, one contestant's former dancing career at some bar in Arkansas, we think it's kind of redundant to post any more news about it here.

"Manhunt --New Bravo TV Show" (Dreamcaps)
Thumbnail star: Hunter, whom you'll apparently see trying to win some other kind of contest after the jump.

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(More photos @ Gossiplist, Television Without Pity, and Towleroad)

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